The Gender Gap at the Academy Awards


The Academy Awards season every years sees women monopolizing first pages of magazines, news articles, commercials, shows and gossip talks. PICTURES of the female awards nominees are everywhere. Their BEAUTY sells: men are pleased to look at these goddesses and their stunning BODIES, other women are curious about their CLOTHES, want to copy their HAIRSTYLES, read their MAKE UP secrets…
Among all of this buzz, we forget something crucial: we forget to pay attention to the number of women that is actually NOMINATED for an Oscar statuette.
Attention is driven towards women’s scenic presence on the red carpet, to the point it conceals women’s incredible absence among the nominees.
I’ve scraped the Academy Awards’ Database:
84 past editions of Academy Awards – that is eight decades of history: social, political, cultural, technological economic revolutions… Yet some things unfortunately remain unchanged.
The reality that is sadly represented every year during the Awards’ ceremony is that of a man-centered guild, where the role of women, not to speak of that of other genders, is simply a cameo.


I’ve made a few tools to help you explore the dynamics of women’s exclusion from the Academy Awards: try them all, or have a look at those that best suit your level of interest!

THE AUDIO-VISUAL SLIDESHOW:  “Where are all the women?” You probably want to start here! In just two minutes, you’ll enjoy a brief and fun introduction to the issue, as the narration is accompanied by the most interesting pictures that illustrate it!

THE INTERACTIVE CHART: Explore how female nominees and winners are distributed across different categories of awards, shockingly observing women’s exclusion in some of them!

THE INTERACTIVE TIMELINE: Zoom in and out across the past editions of the Oscars to see how each one scored in terms of percentage of male and female nominees!

THE INFOGRAPHIC: Too lazy to interact? Then have a look at this infographic, where I’ve summed up for you the main facts about gender inequality in the Academy Awards!

THE 85th EDITION IN PERSPECTIVE: Check out how the 2013 Oscar Ceremony scored to its predecessors in terms of gender inequality – an evaluation based only on the numbers.


You also would like to explore some issue related to the Academy Awards but think it’s a  hard and long work to construct the dataset you need? Have a look at THE METHOD I’ve used, and find the link to the database I’ve created and made public, so you can also start investigating your stories!

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